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Zboost YX300 Signal Booster

Zboost YX300 Signal Booster details: Antenna Range up to 6 feet: Attach the plastic boosting antenna to the base via the screw connector. Fortunately, the wire for the antenna measures 19 feet, so you have a lot of freedom as to where you can position everything. ideally one should lacate the signal booster near the center of a room to create a wide boosting area.
  • zBoost YX300's range is only four to six feet from the antenna.
  • The antenna has two suction cups so one can attach it a variety of places.

  • It comes with Antenna, Base unit and AC Power adapter.
  • This dual band wireless signal booster handles ALL cellular radio frequencies in North America except Nextel.
  • The zBoost YZ300 extends a cell zone at your workspace (4-6 foot range).
  • It needs at least one bar of signal to work and boost your signal. It won't create a signal where none it's received to begin with.
  • It can be applied on any flat surface, even a window, with 2 suction cups.

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